14 Nov 2012

Leggy 'heed' thing

Liked the look of this since I saw the green (by Andrew May), so I picked it up as soon as Rogue Miniatures released. Really easy & loads of fun to paint!

'Young' Dracula (in London)

I’ve recently re-read Bram Stoker's classic and was (& still am) looking for some good Count minis. I was was lucky enough to get one of Malamute's 'young' Dracula figure (as long as I shared once painted).

I thought, as he was loaded with time on his hands, I would go for a more flaneur look - well, he'd have a bought an new wardrobe on reaching England (not entirely convinced it works, to be honest).

22 Sep 2012

Actors in 'The King in Yellow'

I was keen to get some paint on Otherworld Miniatures new cultists and, having just re-read Robert W Chambers, they had to be yellow!

As 'madness' lies within the play, I liked the idea of calling then actors rather than cultists.

In hindsight, I think ME2d – Evil High Priest I might have been a better option, but there's always next time!

31 Aug 2012

The Baroness

Just finished this lovely little (resin) mini from JoeK Minis - thinking of getting another and painting her in a more 'ghostly' theme

'Down and outs'

I've been clearing out some 'old' projects recently, when I came across some Dixon Miniature's 28mm gangsters. Most have gone, but the 'down & out' pack look useful for other things, so I thought I'd paint them up

This also includes a hitman, which if I remember correctly, was a free sample when the range was first released

& the rest of the 'down & out' pack

18 Aug 2012

"the Swede"

I've recently been watching and enjoying Hell on Wheels, a TV drama set in 1865 about the building of the  Pacific Railroad. All good fun, but when Brigade Games released 'The Enforcer' (sculpted by Paul Hicks) the inspiration was clear - one of the series more colourful villians, Thor Gundersen better known as the Swede (despite, etc). So I had to have one!

I've only flirted with the American 'old west' over the years, so don't have many in the lead pile - however, I did a quick job on these Crusader Miniatures outlaws to satisfy the itch ....

... not sure it completly scratched though, the BG Bushwackers look awfully tempting!

6 Jul 2012

WAMP 2012

More details can be found at www.wampforum.com/WAMP2012

Four A miniatures - Flesh Golem

Just finished this off for a mini-exchange. Fabulous sculpt (Jim Bowen). Pleased with how the flesh came out, but I made a bit of mess with the trousers.

22 Feb 2012

Classic Citadel Champion of Nurgle

Just finished this guy off (for a ladder challenge over at Wamp). A classic Jes Goodwin sculpt, possible with weapon swap (SoL has him with a mace). Loads of fun to paint!

12 Feb 2012

Gang War Miniatures on Shapeways

After reading a few news items around the web, I thought I have a punt and see what the quality was like. Although I’d heard of Shapeways before, I’d never really considered buying anything, as stuff I’d be interested in was really the wrong scale.
Gang War

Initially, I was amazed at the detail, but a little dismayed at how fragile they looked and, as it turned out are (very, very fragile – I snapped a gun of one of the lasses in the clean up, and the dogs tail with a paint brush – I’m clumsy, but not that clumsily!).

The detail on the watertank is amazing (tapes, pipes etc), but it looks as though it would survive about 5 minutes on the tabletop!

They also feel very rough (like fine sandpaper) to touch. I know there are different print qualities (but with no reference point), I went with what was recommended (or defaulted) on the Shapeways site.

This is what I got (straight out of the box)

& this a comparison shot with GW & Heresy

 Now, believing the proof is in the pudding, I thought I paint a couple up. Very little clean up needed, but this is where texture started to be a problem. They looked, after priming, as it the primer was off (it wasn’t, as I did a metal piece at the same time, without a problem.)

I started on one of the girls and a dog. The painting on the girls clothing wasn’t too bad, but the flesh was awful – now I’m not the greatest painter, but after a simple base/shade/highlight on the skin – the girl started to look as though she has severe scrofula, and to my eyes, the facial detail all but disappeared – It was so bad, that couldn’t finish her, so that was that ... the dog was easier, but my initial plan was for a very shiny effect, unfortunately, the rough texture made that a tad too difficult, so I had to ‘rough it up' a bit

Tabletop quality (mine, not Cmon’s!)

I think the whole Shapeways thing is not only very interesting put could be potentially be extremely useful in the future of our hobby, but from my limited experience, I don’t think we are quite there yet.

Bohkin squad by Hasslefree

Painted these as part of a ladder challenge, over at Wamp - loads of fun to do, and I will painting another squad of Bohkin up at a later date ...

Pit Scavenger by Arcana Miniatures

2nd of the year followed soon after. A pit scavenger by Arcana Miniatures (about dog size, 28mm wise). Interesting sculpt, but seemed a little unfinished, especially around the feet

1st of Year - Sinspawn by Reaper

Time to update this blog!
I painted this a beining of January - but only managed to get a decent photo today. Pretty simple, but fun to do