4 Dec 2011

Soviet mech ace Konstantin Samokhin

Rather embarrassingly, I just released I hadn't painted anything during 2011!

So, with the view to get back in the swing of things, I've just finished this mech pilot form Westwind's SoTR range. Not the greatest sculp, kind of flat, but fun to do.

Quick paint job, and not happy with a few things, but good to get the paint brushes wet again ...

24 Nov 2011

A start ...

Ok, hoping to use this blog as a painting diary for 2012 to 'inspire' me to finish some units & armies in 2012.
Not the greatest painter, but I do have a wide & varied taste in subjects - anything from steampunk to Hittites!
I'll probably not be posting much in the short time, and really signed up today to see how 'easy' this blog thing is ...